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Our expertise is focused on traditional counsel services provided by tax and legal experts and in more specific areas related to the characteristics of the Gabonese and international market.

Consulting, Advisory & Audit Legal secretary Taxation Trainings

In tax matters, Leads Global assists you in :

  • Tax watch
  • Studies and consultations on tax issues
  • Assistance in the preparation of tax returns
  • The management of litigation and customs
  • The tax review of your activities
  • Assistance and advice in the event of a tax audit (documentary audits)
  • Management of the taxation of individuals
  • Regulations applicable to the trade, energy, oil and mining sectors
  • Mining taxation
  • Tax review of your activities over a given period
  • Compliance audit: control of the company's practices with respect to the rules in force
  • Optimization of the tax situation in terms of income, asset management, financial investments, choice of major options.

They trust us

We assist our clients, individuals and companies in various business segments. 

Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Food and Fisheries 
Ministry of Energy and Water Resources







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