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Digitalization and the business world: Meeting between Leads Global and pharmacists

05 juin 2022

The last few years have been marked by an increased evolution of the digital world. This increase is the trigger for the dematerialisation of the daily management of companies. Although no text compels companies to digitize their data, they have made it a daily use. This process, which is still called “digitalization”, is proving itself in the business world. In addition to the rapid processing of information, it enables the transition from paper to digital format, which plays an important role in preserving the environment.

For this purpose, LEADS Global through Dimitri Mba Bekale, Panelist at the 2nd National Pharmaceutical Day presented to all pharmacists the usefulness of digitalization in any retail trade in a world where digital transformation influences the purchasing behaviour of customers and disrupts the organization of companies. "The new consumer is ultra-connected and expects to receive personalized services for every purchase. This applies to the ordering of his medicines or parapharmaceutiques, no one can escape it today. It’s e-commerce time” he said.



This initiative is particularly timely in a context where many economic structures and operators have had to rely on digital technology as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. It should be emphasized that the holding of this panel by Dimitri Mba Bekale should allow pharmacists present to have a clear idea of the need to use digital, It seems to be growing in importance for many companies that want to be present online and deploy optimally via digital. 


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