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Our expertise is focused on traditional counsel services provided by tax and legal experts and in more specific areas related to the characteristics of the Gabonese and international market.

Consulting, Advisory & Audit Legal secretary Taxation Trainings
Energy Law

We are present alongside our clients to:

  • Accompany them in all stages to obtain the necessary authorizations.
  • Intervene in the negotiation and drafting of contracts, concession contracts and acts.
  • Advise them on all matters relating to the execution of such contracts and acts.
Company Law

We offer all the traditional services, from the establishment of the local structure to the drafting of the various acts necessary during the life of the company.

We assist, advise and guide our clients on the legal aspects in the choices that will mark the important steps for the development of their company especially in the creation/acquisition of a company, the life of the company until the transfer/disposal of the company.

Contract Law

This involves drafting all types of contracts, from lease agreements to joint venture agreements.

Indeed, foreign investors are sometimes eager to secure their local investment by involving a local partner in their project.  In such cases, when some prefer to use a corporate structure for their investment, others choose the more flexible form of purely contractual joint venture.

Domestic and International Tax Law

We cover all tax issues. Our services range from advice to legal and tax audits, as well as monitoring of tax regulations during the life of the local structure.

Indeed, we advise our clients in the optimization of their layout in Gabon. Subsequently, we advise them on optimization schemes with regard to payroll taxes and corporate taxes.

Labour law

We analyze the exact function of employees within companies and draft subsequent employment contracts.

We also take care of the various situations that may arise, such as disputes with employees or labour authorities. 

Customs duty

In addition to strict compliance with national regulations, we advise our customers on the possible choices within the regional customs system.

In anticipation of the risks associated with import/export procedures, we assist our clients in case of customs controls and resolve customs disputes in order to limit sanctions.

Insurance law

Leads Global advises and assists clients on all matters related to insurance law, including pre-litigation and litigation, compliance and regulatory matters, audits and risks.

Environmental law

While this may appear to be a minor issue for many economic actors, neglect of environmental law can have serious liability consequences.

As a result, we are available to provide you with clarification on current regulations to help you comply with environmental rules.

Transport law

Because of our experience in this area, we are able to effectively advise our clients on all matters related to transportation law, particularly in the aeronautical field.

They trust us

We assist our clients, individuals and companies in various business segments. 

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Ministry of Energy and Water Resources







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