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Bringing expertise to the actors who make today's and tomorrow's Africa


Established in 2018, Leads Global is  tax, legal and advisory firm. It brings together experienced multidisciplinary experts, trained in auditing, accounting, legal and international tax firms.

Our tax, legal,  finance and advisory expertise is sought in Africa’s trade, energy, oil and mining sectors.

We have developed a good knowledge of the business practice on the continent, which has allowed us to position Leads Global as a reference for companies and governments in Africa.

Our strength lies in the ability of our teams to reconcile best practices, high-level expertise, rules of good conduct with the resilience required to develop investment operations on the continent.

We belong to the first pan-African network of tax experts, the Tax Africa Network (TAN), which brings together nearly 15 countries on the continent. This membership allows us to provide a high-quality, responsive and personalized service in line with our customers' needs.

Leads Global and its specialized structures Leads Tax & Legal and Leads Advisory support you in your investments in Africa.


Serge Dimitri MBA BEKALE

Leads Global
Leads Tax & Legal
Managing Partner 

  • Currently Managing Partner of Leads Global, Serge Dimitri MBA BEKALE holds a Master II in Taxation and Business Law from the Institut Supérieur de Management (ISM) in Dakar, Senegal and Alumni from BESSIEUX College.
  • He has over 15 years of professional experience in tax and legal assistance for companies operating in Africa in the telecommunications, transport, mining, oil and insurance sectors.
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Our expertise is based on traditional advisory services provided by legal and tax experts and in more specific fields related to the characteristics of the Gabonese and international market.

Consulting, Advisory & Audit Legal secretary Taxation Trainings


We assist our clients, individuals and companies in various sectors of activity.

Ministère de l’Agriculture, de l’Elevage, de l’Alimentation et de la Pêche 
Ministère de l’Energie et des Ressources Hydrauliques








The firm works in synergy with partners for quality performance.



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